Better Systems Improve Lives


Digitizing global supply chains benefits farmers in emerging markets, both at the local level and for export. Annona impacts lives on five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Annona 5 UN SDGs

Impact Measurement

Manage training and assistance programs, review historic data, and monitor field activity with Annona. Improve project performance by using Annona and generating consistent metrics. Evaluate project performance and perform in-depth evaluations on accrued data.

Manage projects with technology built for use in the field. Organize campaigns and initiatives by tracking farm and farmer activity, while communicating with field staff and farmers via SMS. Keep records of GPS locations and keep detailed profiles.

Build your database online and offline with the Annona app. Offline sync capabilities give confidence that work will be saved through flexible data collection.

Track training attendance and completion, monitor field data and field activities. Manage outgrower contract agreements, fulfillment, and order facilitation. Export reports and information directly through email in popular formats.

Benefits of Annona

Upload and Organize Your Farmers

Use Annona’s bulk upload functionality to upload a full directory of farmers at once. If your farmers already have a profile on Annona we will notify you to merge profile information. Once uploaded, organize farmer groups based on location, crop, or any characteristic deemed important.

Customize Your Account

Select an Administrator to build your organization profile. This person will upload important documents, manage projects, and build roles and responsibilities onto the platform.

Mobile Data Collection

Field operatives can begin using Annona immediately to register new farmers, build out farmer profiles (including GlobalGAP, map farms, and record interactions.

Start using Annona!

After you collect your data points, use our reporting tool to make better, faster decisions for your organization. See real-time order and collection information, track farmer engagement, crop production, and employee proficiency in just a few clicks.