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Annona is a meeting place for farmers, exporters, and importers.

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Create comprehensive farm profiles in a centralized database and track production in real-time. Monitor individual farm productivity and quality consistency.

Improve business efficiency by monitoring farm production and crop forecasting through technology. Communicate easily with buyers on Annona.

Manage inputs and product for local and international orders. Keep track of mobile payments, input loans, contract advances, and quality incentive bonuses.

Review reports by SMS or online and use the information to make better, faster farm and crop decisions.

How Annona works

Farm Management Software

Use Annona to measure acreage on your farm and plot detailed GPS maps including separate farm plots for designated crops. Annona’s forecasting feature examines land area, crop, and historical information to develop forecasting plans. Manage your orders and plan for collections with the Annona platform.

Customize Your Farmer Profile

Use Annona’s bulk upload functionality to upload large quantities of farmers at once. If your farmers alrManage your digital money wallet and contracts. Add crops, certifications, and other training to boost your profile and build your market potential. Our system allows for multiple traceability and quality requirements, permissions, and any other supply chain process requirements.

Locate Buyers and Gain Access to Markets

Search through verified exporters based on crop, ratings, and geographic location. Learn about market trends and build relationships.

Financial Inclusion

Use Annona’s reporting tools to analyze farm data. Order SMS Profit and Loss reports to submit for financing and decision-making. Receive SMS receipts for trades and keep farm information in a centralized location.

Start using Annona!

Field operatives can begin using Annona immediately to register new farmers, initiate contracts, perform trades, and record interactions. They can perform a Quik-Trade transaction to begin collecting product right away, and build out farm profiles with GlobalG.A.P. and other certifications.

Analyze Your Data

After you collect your data points, use our reporting tool to make better, faster decisions for your organization. See real-time order and collection information, track farmer engagement, crop production, and employee proficiency in just a few clicks.