Track your global food purchases

Annona’s web and mobile platform lets you manage your farmers, collect trade information, view and manage orders in real-time.

Get real-time information from the farm


Log in anywhere around the world through the mobile app or the web. See everything your field staff is doing, right when they do it. Registration is free.


Document Farmers

Always have your farmer information on hand.

Control Operations

Focus the work of your staff with built-in permissions.

Report Often

Produce analytics quickly, when you need them most.

Why use Annona?

“I have personally tested the functionality of the app and this will set you apart from all other exporters coming up in Kenya.“

- Neville Mchina, Eosta
an Import Company

"Annona provides an app that comes with a lot of benefits: simplified farmers registration, quick and accurate farmers payment, and reliable produce traceability."

- James Weru, Fair Trade Enterprises
an Export Company


Farmers get access to high value markets by creating a profile with Annona and connecting to exporters.

Keep track of inputs, maintain high quality production, and monitor farm profit and loss. Annona generates SMS-based profit and loss reporting that farmers can use to obtain financing and other input services. Maintain and record farm certification for exports.


Exporters use Annona for reliable and efficient sourcing from farmers.

Exporters that use Annona organize the farmers they source from and use the Annona app to make collections both efficient and reliable while providing real-time information. This de-risks the supply chain and provides a competitive advantage in the global market. Exporters can also organize farmers and key traceability information for international certification bodies like FairTrade, Organic, and Global G.A.P.


Annona builds a path for Importers to include more farmers in their supply chains and grow their footprint.

The Annona platform gives importers access to the farms that they need and saves millions in auditing costs by tracking sourcing, quality metrics, and payments electronically.

Popular features you can't live without

The digital age is at your finger tips with the Annona platform.

  • Farmer Records

    Store all of your farmer information in one place. See each farmer's activities in their respective profile.

  • Real-Time Data

    Field and office records are synced in real time so you never miss any data.

  • See Inventory

    The Annona dashboard keeps all of your collection and purchase information in one place.

  • Offline App

    Never depend on the internet bundles. Your staff can input data into their Android app offline.

  • Mobile Payments

    Decrease the time it takes to pay your farmers with Annona's mobile money payment portal.

  • Connect to Buyers

    As a supplier, you can invite importers to connect with you on the Annona platform.

  • Quick Start

    Register, import your data, and start using Annona in minutes.
    Get started here.

  • Blockchain

    Get critical information securely stored on the blockchain. Ask us how at

  • Join Us

    As a registered member, you can suggest features to the Annona team.

Endless Benefits of Annona

Improve Your Business

Farmers get a digital snapshot of production and profitability with Annona. Annona opens up opportunities and services for farmers to increase production, maintain quality, and improve efficiencies.

Organize Supply Chain Data

Importers give their exporters the power to track their production and report data back as their product moves from farm to collection. Exporters can map out GPS locations and maintain detailed farmer profiles in a centralized database

Customize Your Company Profile

With Annona’s customizable platform, exporters can match the software to their company’s business model, instead of the other way around. Exporters can design their own mobile procurement system so their field officers can capture the data needed to make accurate and actionable reporting. This reporting helps them evaluate their activity and make data-driven decisions.

Track Supply Orders

Importers and exporters use Annona globally to manage order inventory in multiple countries. Field officers input real-time order fulfillment data that helps companies make better, faster decisions.

Annona is connecting stakeholders across the global food supply chain using mobile and web technology. The Annona platform is the first of its kind to digitize importers, exporters, aggregators and farmers together.

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